Oahu Airport Shuttle – What to Expect

Oahu Airport Shuttle – What to Expect

On arrival reservations, your pickup time corresponds to your flight arrival time. This helps our airport team track your flight and meet you upon arrival.

Domestic Travelers- Our friendly airport representative will meet you at baggage claim.
International Travelers- Our airport representatives will meet you outside of customs due to airport security restrictions.

Please look out for our airport representative dressed in yellow and gray Roberts Hawaii aloha shirts. They will escort you to the pick up area. In most cases there will be a vehicle waiting, if not the greeter will let you know the approximate arrival time of the vehicle as it should be en route.

If you do not see our airport representative, please call us at (808) 439-8800. You can also reach us by dialing 6 on the airport courtesy phones.


On departure reservations, your pickup time represents the time the bus departs your pickup location. Please be ready and waiting to depart at your pickup location at least 10 minutes prior.

Our drivers will help load your luggage into the vehicle.

Quality Assurance

Roberts Hawaii is the state’s largest tours and transportation company. With 75 years of experience, our commitment has always been to our customers, and we consistently strive to offer first-class service with a genuine aloha spirit.

Your experience is very important to us. We value guest feedback, both good and bad. Please send your comments to CustomerService@airportshuttlehawaii.com.

Driver Training

Roberts Hawaii has an intensive driver curriculum to safeguard the comfort and safety of our guests. Our drivers receive extensive classroom instructions and behind the wheel road training in the maneuvering of larger equipment safely. We strive to maintain the high standards by our drivers through periodic customer service training programs offered by our Driver Improvement Program. Every year, drivers are required to take at least 10 hours of continuing education classes covering driver safety and skills evaluation. First Aid and CPR classes are also conducted regularly to enhance driver knowledge and passenger safety.


At Roberts Hawaii, safety is a top priority. Roberts has a less than 1% accident rating and continues to invest in Safety Control Programmes.


Our vehicles are part of a comprehensive preventive maintenance program which includes, but is not limited to, brake inspection and adjustment, changing of oils and filter, chassis lubrication, tire inspection, bulb inspection, inspecting warning devices, and inspection for deterioration of elements. Our mechanics are ASE certified and our maintenance department has also been certified by the State of Hawaii, Department of Transportation as an official motor carrier safety inspection station.

GPS Tracking

A GPS Tracking system has been equipped on all vehicles in an effort to provide accurate, up to date information.


Roberts Hawaii has the necessary PUC and airport related ground transportation permits to operate in the airport. A large number of our employees have the appropriate certification to meet, greet, and support our guests at the airport, many even have access to the runways and ramps.