Oahu Airport Shuttle – Things To Do

From deep cultural explorations into ancient Polynesia to the urban delights of contemporary Honolulu, famed surf spots on the North Shore to world-renowned Pearl Harbor on the Leeward Coast, Oahu is an infinite opportunity to experience the diverse character and history of Hawaii.

Here, you can try your hand at ancient games played by early Hawaiians; dive into Hawaii’s dramatic naval history and re-live the Day of Infamy; explore the political intrigue and opulence of Iolani Palace; breathe deeply in the Valley of the Temples; taste the islands’ sweet agricultural heritage; and delight in spine-tingling ghost stories.

End your day at a spellbinding stage show in the heart of Waikiki.

With so many fascinating things to see and discover, it’s little wonder that Oahu is called the Heart of Hawaii. And, the choices are so varied, the island is at once exhilarating and serene, sobering and hilarious, urban and ancient – truly a place of complexity and delight.