Kauai Airport Shuttle – Things To Do

Kauai is a place that sets the imagination soaring. Her extraordinary beauty and charm have been immortalized in dozens of Hollywood films and television shows and yet, there’s nothing like meeting the real thing.

Perhaps the most striking quality of Kauai is her Eden-like loveliness. The chiseled ridges and valleys of Kauai’s Mt. Waialeale are cloaked, velvet-like, by emerald rainforests. Dramatic cliffs tower thousands of feet above the vast Pacific Ocean. The island’s edges are scalloped with sandy beaches and snorkeling spots frequented by Hawaiian monk seals and sea turtles; and lying hidden from sight are remote valleys, waterfalls and sea caves, accessible only via air or sea.

There are many ways to feel Kauai’s charm: visit beautiful waterfalls, take a leisurely cruise along Wailua River to the famed Fern Grotto, and find inspiration at Waimea Canyon – a geological wonder measuring 14 miles long and more than 3,600 feet deep. Cinema fans can follow their favorite actors and see, first-hand, some of Kauai’s iconic sites captured in blockbuster films.

There are small towns to visit, local foods to sample, historic points of interest and much more worth finding – on Kauai, Hawaii’s Island of Discovery.